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  • French Kiss Manyo Factory Banilla Boutique Perfume Hand Cream
    Item: 0000089 Select an option: French Kiss Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 12 $ 6
  • Manyo Factory Banilla Boutique Fragrance Floral/ Fragrance Fruity Floral
    Item: pa-18273 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 39

Perfume is the emotions. Even the niceset scents of perfumes, we perceive differently. Some have a slight gasp of happiness and childhood. Other with bewilderment and incomprehension. To choose "your own" perfume is not an easy task, as the flavor needs to match not only the skin, but also clothing, mood or atmosphere.

Manyo Factory Banilla Butiouqe Perfume series will accentuate your individuality and beauty, will give you more confidence, charm and chic.

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